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As I contemplate my future teacher career and anxieties about my inexperience surface in the face of great responsibility next year, I am starting to think about what kind of teacher I am going to be. Of most concern is how I will deal with particular negative behaviours. As a younger teacher, I want to be a relaxed, easy-going teacher where the focus of the classroom is learning, technology and respect rather than poor behaviour. This is however a Utopian classroom, and not all students will be able to be self-directed in their learning, it is also a cruel reality that not all students will learn the same, come from stable home lives or be as interested in their learning as I am.  

In my behaviours management classes, the lecturers joked about the idea "we don't smile until Easter" or "treat them mean, keep them keen". Furthermore, my practical teacher this semester is a very experienced teacher who I respect very much. I would consider her one of the most effective teachers I have ever witnessed and yet she is what I would describe as a tough, finger on student's behaviour at all times kind of teacher. She created a sense of respect as she would not accept any behaviour from any of the students. Her teaching style was incredibly efficient and effective as she got the absolute most of her students. 

So the question remains, do I take that role, lay down guidelines early and create a hierarchy of response and make sure that if any negative behaviour occurs it is stopped by paying attention to it and punishing those students involved.  Alternatively, I would prefer to allow a little bit of off-task behaviour if it allows for students to feel comfortable in the classroom, are willing to try new things and trust me to push them in their learning. One of the best ideas I have heard through my studies is the idea that if we plan more interesting relevant lessons less time will be spent on classroom management. This is of particular interest to me as my strength is in my lessons and creating unique interesting learning situations and is clearly not in classroom management. 

One other interesting way to look at this issue is through the thought of social justice. This strategy looks at creating environments where students feel safe, where all students have the ability to succeed without fear of failure. This places a large emphasis on the role of self-motivation and self-regulation where students will feel remorse for their actions on others and want to improve their behaviour because they want too. Students don't receive awards or punishments and it is their success which they strive for. 

Stay tuned, I will let you know how it goes over the coming months. 
11/15/2010 02:54

I cannot offer wonderful words of wisdom on Behaviour management but only say that it is largely a by-product of the relationship you develop with your students. I look forward to reading the replies you get.
I do want to congratulate you on being involved in the world of blogging , nings and twitter. You will learn so much from the people out there who are so happy to share their knowledge with other teachers. It is a great community.
Good luck !!

11/15/2010 04:25

I think the key is to find the perfect balance - and that's going to take a lot of practice!

For me, I think that you cannot teach any lesson succesfully without the respect and attention of your students. So classroom management has to be one of my first things to tackle. Once they're engaged, then they'll be much more receptive of any lesson you teach!

But I think it's important to remember that being firm in managing your classroom (particularly at the beginning of the year) doesn't mean it has to be a negative environment. As long as students come to know their boundaries, and yours, then your classroom can become the relaxed envrionment that you want. I'm still learning how to deal with undesired behaviour in a positive way but hopefully, with a bit more practice, I'll start to find that balance!


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