Integrating the Australian Curriculum Using Web2.0

Scribble Maps

This is a fantastic new site which has just opened up.  The uses for it in a Geography lesson are endless as students are able to draw on google maps, which means they have access to a whole map of the world, they can zoom in or our however they like. This could even be used in assessment, for example, find where different places are and then take a photo of your work and send it to the teacher. 

It can be used to create widgets, images or just a screensaver, it is very easy to use with a simple scribble function, a circle function or straight lines with text. 

There would be an issue with privacy, as students would now have the ability to show others exactly where they lived, which on the internet and with young children could be an issue.  I think this is just something to keep in mind when dealing with sites like these.  It would perhaps be a good idea to re-affirm conversations the class has had about safe internet usage.

A good use in education, would be to get students to map the first fleet trip from England to Australia, showing where the stopped, giving a little description of why they stopped and any of the major events in the trip. 

Screen Cast

ScreenToaster - Online computer capture resource

ScreenToaster is a screen capture service which allows you take a video of what you are doing on your computer and create a video file for others to view. This is a great resources to use in the classroom as it allows for the teacher to provide a step by step video for parents and students to follow.  This will avoid wasted time showing every student individually how to set up things like passwords and profiles when you can give them all a demonstration video which is easy to follow. There are a number of other websites which offer a similar service.  Try ScreenR and google for downloadable software which allows you to do the same thing.